Touch Paintings Workshop

Touch Paintings sind mit Graphitleitlack und Farben gefertigte Gemälde, welche durch Berührung Leuchtdioden (LEDs) zum Leuchten bringen.

Ein Transistor dient als Schalter und eine Batterie als Stromquelle. Wird das mittlere Beinchen des Transistors (Basis) und die gemalte Plusleitung mit den Fingern berührt, schaltet der Transistor auf Durchlass und Strom fliesst zu den Leuchtdioden und sie fangen an zu leuchten. Der Graphitleitlack selbst dient als Vorwiderstand für die Leuchtdioden.

2011 bis heute

The Lighthead Projekt

The Lighthead Projekt consists of a number of semitransparent helmets. A single helmet contains a 433 MHz Receiver, a microcontroller and very bright leds.
We controlled it by using processing running on a small linux machine directly hooked into the audiomixer.
Developed for Katarina Hinterlechner and Christian Deschka

Performance Brut Wien, 2009

visual beat detection
Technologie & Materialien: 

The MHE-Cube

The cube MHE-Cube was my first LED art project. It was a gift from a number of employees at Statistics Austria to new founded company MHE & Partner. The cube form was chosen because that company was working with "OLAP Cubes" which is a form of representing data in a three-dimensional table (sort of...).

The cube itself was built by Helmut Stenitzer und Eva Fischer. The electronics inside by me (Simon).

Once plugged in, the microcontroller on the board lights the LEDs in various patterns. Also, a 1 GB USB-Stick is included which can be accessed by the PC connected to it. This way the cube can actually store data ;)

The light effects software is available here: avrlighteffects.tar.gz (README included). It works on an AVR microcontroller as small as the ATTiny26 and it's controlled by a simple scripting language. Light effects for up to 8 channels can be designed and previewed on the PC and then flashed onto the microcontroller.

Here's a video of the finished cube:

And here you can see the opened board:

The cube MHE-Cube was my first LED art project.
Technologie & Materialien: