kinetic light installation

LeveL is an interactive illuminated Mobile sculpture. It was exhibited at the London Design Biennale 2016 at Somerset House.

"A reflection on the fragile balance of utopia, mischer'traxler's kinetic light sculpture, LeveL, is poised to unsteady itself at the slightest movement. When the mobile is perfectly still, the lights are at their brightest, illuminating the room fully. As you enter and move around the space, your breath and the drafts of air you create make the rods tilt and the LEDs dim, setting the mobile out of balance. The delicate and ever-changing sculpture reflects on the precariousness of the utopian ideal, and its potential to unravel when subjected to the reality of everyday life."

Source: mischer'traxler


mischer'traxler Studio asked us to develop the electronics and control-firmware for this interactive LED installation. Each illuminated end contains a circuit board with 6 high-power LEDs, an accelerometer and a microcontroller. The accelerometers are capable of sensing the smallest movements or bumps so the microcontroller can act accordingly. The boards do not communicate with each other electrically, instead all bumps and movements are passed on mechanically through the structure itself.

To allow testing and on-site calibration of all boards at once we developed a method for safely updating the firmware using only the two power cables.

Working on yet another project with mischer'traxler was a great experience for us. They are excellent designers and we always enjoy working with Katarina, Thomas and their team.