Human Evolution and Archaeological Sciences (HEAS)

Webdesign & Webdevelopment


The mission of the "Human Evolution and Archaeological Sciences (HEAS) Research Network" is to study human biological and cultural evolution together in an interdisciplinary network comprising evolutionary anthropology, archaeology, genetics, palaeontology, life history, behavioural biology, isotope physics, geophysics, remote sensing, geology, environmental systems science, geochemistry, and material sciences.

Central Aims

Academic excellence, internationalisation and collaborative networks

  • Increase world-leading research in Human Evolution and Archaeological Sciences at UNIVIE.
  • Create a strong foundation for projects, pilot studies and close collaborations that will promote and provide support for a range of applications and third-party funds.
  • Develop and strengthen international research partnerships, collaborations and knowledge transfer.
  • Integrate existing expertise within UNIVIE to further develop cross-disciplinary links and to establish new research clusters at UNIVIE. Enhance undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment in anthropology, archaeology, genetics and other disciplines
  • Engage with the public via several avenues, including public events, talks, new online presence (website, social media), and strengthening existing relationships across Austria, Europe, and other countries.



We were commissioned to develop a web platform for the research network "HEAS". The requirements were to design a clear website with an informative start page that shows the latest contributions of the individual sub-areas. The partner institutions, team leaders and members are well presented. An event calendar that chronologically shows the next lectures and seminars, a list of publications, a job page, a news archive... The platform was developed with Wordpress and some additional modules. The site is continuously expanded

Jahr: 2021 | Auftraggeber: Department of Evolutionary Anthropology | Technologien und Materialien: | 5 January, 2022 - 17:35 | nora