interactive sound art wall

First tests on the wall

Klangformen is an interactive sound art wall in the auditorium of the Music Middle School in Eggenburg, Austria.

The sound art wall will be realized together with students on an area of โ€‹โ€‹6 X 2 meters in the form of colorfully painted geometric surfaces in combination with sensors, electronics and loudspeakers. If one of the colored shapes is touched, a calm sound is created. If several students and / or teachers touch the sound forms at the same time, or if a slow vertical movement is carried out by hand, the tones merge and mix to form a unique sound composition.

Through joint playful exploration of the interactive sound art wall, new forms of musical interaction and unique, inspiring musical experiences can be opened up to the students as well as the teachers. The sounds can be different voices of the school choir, recordings of instruments or everyday noises, which are recorded together with the students and prepared for the sound installation. The joint realization of the sound art wall will take place in the project week "Creative" in September 2020 with the pupils of the 3rd and 4th grade, with the media artist Nora Dibowski, the interaction designer Simon Laburda and the sound artist Christian Konrad Schroeder in the Music Middle School in Eggenburg.

A project funded by CULTURE CONNECTED

Culture Connected

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