interactive kinetic installation
photo copyright misch´traxler

The project 'ephemerā' represents the dialogue between mankind and nature through three interactive kinetic furniture pieces - a big oak table and two mirrors. ... Observed from a distance the pieces' floral decoration appears alive. The plants grow and move, following their own gentle choreography. However, when someone comes close, the plants and insects disappear. ... The project was first presented at Design Miami 2014.

 - Source: mischertaxler.com

DKIA was contracted to design the electronics and program the pieces according to the specifications given by mischer'traxler. A lot of effort went into developing a mechanism which allowed the sheet metal "plants" to move in near silence. The mechanics were developed by mischer'traxler and Martin Robitsch. Together we managed to accomplish this goal.

Simon Laburda/DKIA was also on site at Design Miami to help set the system up.

The table is based on an Arduino Uno which interfaces with 37 motor controllers for all the moving elements and 14 ultrasonic sensors to detect people approaching.
The mirrors combine plants displayed on a large screen, together with parts which extend beyond the screen and consist of sheet metal. They are controlled by Raspberry Pis

More information on the project is available from the designstudio mischer'traxler and Perrier Jouet