Lighting installation

Lighting installation hosted by, vienna

Upload your visuals on youtube, send the link via mail or facebook to useabrand (office[at] – we will display the best visuals on the useabrand shopwindow based in Zollerngasse 15, 1070 Vienna right across famous szene club´s like: “Europa”, “Sapa” or “”! Submission deadline is next Thursday (20.01.2011)! Till the end of January 2011 we realized in cooperation with useabrand a lighting installation using a high resolution, full-color 3,20m x 2,40m (64×48 pixel) LED Display. Please note that the resolution of the LED Display is only 64×48 pixel and some are covered by the wall. (we prefer monochrom slowmotion visuals) Have fun ;) In cooperation with useabrand realized a lighting installion using a high resolution, full-color 64×48 pixel LED Display in the store of useabrand, based in Zollerngasse 23, 1070 Vienna. This LED installation is planned as an exhibitition platform for various visual artists. The first visuals are made by Nora Dibowski. The control system was developed by Simon Laburda and is based on LEDBridge which is running on a Sheevaplug embedded Linux system. This contributes to the whole systems power efficiency – with all LEDs at full brightness the peak power consumtion is 125 watts. The current animations use around 40-60 watts – no more than a single incandescent lightbulb! Also the system is designed in a flexible manner, when artists create new videos, these videos can simply be copied to the Sheevaplugs SD-card and will be automatically played on the LED Display.

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