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Wearable led screen with 256 LEDs, Art on Wires Festival, Oslo, 2010

We designed 15 construction kits to solder a wearable led screen with 256 LEDs (3 colors: green, red, orange) for a soldering workshop on the the Art on Wires Symposium 2010 in Oslo. Components For getting an overview take a look on the components overview. The Microprocessor (Atmel AtMega8) is the heart of our board, it handles USB communications, controlls the LEDs and does radio transmitting and receiving. We need to use the shift registers, because the processor has way to few pins to drive all the LEDs directly. The LED Matrices have 24 pins on the m, so we need the shift registers to control them. We use the socketboards (component 12) to detach and put the LED Matrices later on. The 5 pin connector is the programming plug and the 3 pin connector is for the battery. The USB Port (component 09) is a male A type USB Plug to connet the pc, charging the battery or uploading new firmware. The crystal oscillatior is clocked at 16 MHz and is the clock source for the main processor. We will use the radio waves to communicate with the other devices, so we need both a radio transmitter (component 07) and a radio receiver (component 08). The board also needs varios components, mainly capacitors and resistors, the capicitors eg. are needed for the crystal oscillator, for usb voltage conversion and other things.

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